Specification mining for software certification (2015 – Now)

The goal of this research is to help reduce the cost of software certification by automating part of the certification process. The idea is developing a framework, where given a stable software, fine-grained claims about the software behavior together with their supporting evidence (in terms of test results) can be generated automatically.

Search-based pseudo oracles (2015 – Now)

The goal of this project is to automatically generate test cases for a new version of a legacy code in a way that the deviation between two systems can be detected. This work is being done the context of a banking system where the exact oracles don’t exist (include complex financial models). In this situation, a legacy code that implemented the same functions is the ground truth. We use a search algorithm to generate test cases that finds deviations between two programs.

1150x400_SEALab Model Recommendation System (2014 – Now)

The goal of this project is (semi)automatically mining specification models of the system under test for testing purposes. The challenge is recommending a correct specification even if the source code is defective.

Mining test coverage data (2014 – 2015)

The goal of this project is evaluating common test adequacy criteria (code coverage). We look at several control and data flow coverage data for hundreds of test cases in several systems to see how good such test adequacy measures are.

Horizon (characterizing cloud workloads) – (2013 – 2015)

The goal of this project is characterizing and predicting workload in cloud systems. The predictions help better provisioning of the resources in the cloud.

VissoftPic Data analytics in software testing (2011 – Now)

Mining different software repositories helps us understand the system, which in turn can result in better testing techniques. For example, we look at co-evolution of test cases and source code file to understand which areas of the code requires further attention.

Mining software repositories to improve QA activities (2011 – Now)

In this project, mining software repositories are used to improve QA resource allocation.

Test Diversification (2010 – Now)

Test diversity has been studied in this project as an alternative/compliment to traditional test coverage measures for test evaluation.

System Test Case Prioritization (2010 – Now)

Several techniques such as diversification, topic modelling, etc. have been used for a traditional problem of test prioritization.

alpha Search-based software testing (2008 – Now)

In this projects, test case generation, selection, and prioritization are tackled with meta-heuristic optimization algorithms (SBTS).

Old Projects

- Empirical studies in Mutation testing (2013-2013)
- Anomaly detection in load testing (2011-2012)
- Aspect-oriented modelling (2010-2011)
- Scalable Model-based testing (2007 – 2011)