Self-reconfiguration in Highly Available Pervasive Computing Systems

Written by: H. Hemmati, and R. Jalili, ed. by Chunming Rong, Martin Gilje, Jaatun Frode, Eika Sandnes, Laurence T.Yang, Jianhua Ma. vol. Volume 5060/2008, chap. Pervasive Systems, pp. 289-301, Springer Berlin / Heidelberg. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (ISBN: 978-3-540-69294-2), 2008.


High availability of software systems is an essential requirement for pervasive computing environments. In such systems self-adaptation, using dynamic reconfiguration is also a key feature. However, dynamic reconfiguration potentially decreases the system availability by making parts of the system temporary frozen, especially during incomplete or faulty execution of the reconfiguration process. In this paper, we propose Assured Dynamic Reconfiguration Framework (ADRF), consisting of run-time analysis phases, assuring the desired correctness and completeness of dynamic reconfiguration process. We also specify factors that affect availability of reconfigurable software in pervasive computing systems. Observing the effects of these factors, we present availability improvement of our method in comparison to the other reconfiguration mechanisms.
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